1. Inviting and setting up your team
  2. User roles
  3. Creating automated templates
  4. Generating contracts from automated templates
  5. Collaborating on and negotiating contracts and templates
  6. Using e-signatures
  7. Using Precisely’s AI-assisted contract registration
  8. Using Precisely’s contract archive
  9. Monitoring, reminders, and alerts

With Precisely, you can easily keep track of important dates and times for contract-related actions. For instance, contract expiries, renewals, and renegotiations.

Set up reminders for any event in the contract lifecycle and receive alerts via email.

To set up reminders for a contract, simply

  1. Click Archive in the top menu and choose the contract that you wish to add reminders to,
  2. Click the New reminder button to set a reminder message, date/time of notification and choose who should receive the reminder,
  3. Click the blue Save button.

The users you chose will receive email alerts at the set date/time. Users who have been chosen to receive reminders can also see their upcoming reminders on their dashboard.

Bonus: if you set an end date for an agreement, it will appear under Expiring documents in your dashboard in good time before that date.

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