If you have certain numbers that should be calculated in your template documents, such as quotations, PPUs, or total salaries, you can create formulas for them.

A simple example of a use case for formulas could be calculating a yearly salary by multiplying a monthly salary by 12. Numeric references can be used as parts of formulas, meaning that if you already have an existing reference for monthly salary, you can multiply that reference by 12.

To create a formula, simply

  1. Click Templates in the top menu, click the template which you want to add formulas to and open the template document in the editor,

  2. Set a reference name for the formula and create the calculation by inserting numbers, references, and operators. Some of the allowed operators and their uses are:
    “( )” - Parentheses
    “+” - Addition
    “-” - Subtraction
    “*” - Multiplication
    “/” - Division

  3. Insert the formula by clicking References in the editor’s top menu, or by clicking the green Add formula button (the “+” symbol) next to the formula in the editor’s left-hand menu.

Pro tip: Formulas also allow for mathematical operations and functions such as modulos, exponentials, booleans, and comparisons, allowing for more advanced calculations.

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