Precisely reminders + Calendar integration

Learn how to connect your reminders in Precisely to your work calendar

With Precisely, you’re able to connect all your reminders to your calendar and make sure planning your work days runs smoothly. 

How to set it up?

You can include Precisely reminders in your calendar (e.g. Outlook or Google) using the URL:{organization-id}/ical?apikey={api-key}

where references {organization-id} and {api-key} must be replaced by specific information related to your organization and your user account.

Organization ID

Your organization’s ID can be found by clicking the organization name in the top right corner.

API key

To generate a unique API key, follow these steps:

Step 1: Head over to your profile settings → API tokens

Step 2: Click “Create API token”

Step 3: Name your token before generating it. Once that’s done, you’ll receive your unique token. ⚠️ Never share keys with anyone. Always make sure to copy the token and save it in a safe place. ⚠️


Can't see the API tokens in your account settings? Here are possible reasons:


1) If you're a manager or member and you can’t see API tokens in your account settings, it might be because your admin(s) did not allow this. Please contact them if you’d like to have this enabled.

Admins should head to the Organization settings, where they can enable other users (managers and members) to create API tokens.


Screenshot 2022-10-03 at 11.02.10


2) Are you an admin but can't see API tokens? In some rare cases, your current plan might not be compatible with this. One of the reasons can be if you started using Precisely a long time ago. Please contact us if you'd like to upgrade.


Connecting the URL link to your calendar

Once you’ve created your own unique URL link, simply add it to your calendar.

Google Calendar 

In the case of Google Calendar, click the “+” icon next to the “Other Calendars” section, and then select “From URL”.


Once you’ve done that, simply copy and paste your unique link.

P.S: “Make the calendar publicly accessible” lets you decide if you want other colleagues to see the content of your reminders. 


That’s it! Your Precisely reminders are now in your own calendar!


Technical specifications

Please note that any changes and updates to your reminders in Precisely might not be directly synced with and displayed in the calendar. This depends on the calendar provider, and the time can vary (e.g. Google Calendar highlights that it can take up to several hours).