Step 1: Setting up your organization 

Start by inviting and setting up your team members and creating teams for each department in your company. By setting each team member’s access level, you can determine their permission to access and make changes to contracts. 

Continue by importing your company logo to use it in the header of your contracts.

Step 2: Importing your legacy contracts

To import your legacy contracts, simply 

  1. Click Archive in the top menu, 
  2. Click the green New button on your left and select Import document
  3. Choose the files you wish to import, and voilá — your legacy contracts are imported.

Step 3: Set the relevant metadata points

By setting metadata points for your contracts, you can easily filter for and find specific contracts when you need them. You can set metadata points for any agreement in Precisely. You can also set metadata points for template documents, resulting in all drafts generated from that template to include that metadata. 

Step 4: Building your automated templates

Once you've imported your legacy contracts, it's time to create your first custom template. Any of your frequently used contracts can be turned into fully customizable automated templates that enable quick and consistent production of contracts. 

Bonus 🎁: Some paid plans include template conversions, which means that Precisely will create automated templates for you. Just send your old templates over and let Precisely automate them for you.

Step 5: Sending contracts for electronic signature

You can send documents for signing from the Draft & sign tab in the top menu. The green New from template button on your left lets you create a contract from an automated template while Upload and sign lets you upload a document to send for e-signing. 

PS. Check out this guide to using Precisely’s secure and legally binding electronic signatures. 

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