If you have people that are responsible for approving contracts generated from a certain template, you can set up rules for when approvals should be required.

The approvers will automatically be notified that a contract needs approval when a contract is generated from that template.

Adding approvers

Adding approvers

Approvers and approval rules are applied individually to each template. To add approvers, simply

  1. Click Templates in the top menu and choose the template you wish to add approvers to,
  2. Click the New approver button in the Approvals section and select the appropriate approver,
  3. Decide whether all approvers must approve the contracts generated from the template, or whether it's sufficient for any person on the list to approve them individually whenever they're added as approver. The latter is the standard option.

    In case you want all added approvers to approve, simply click the “Require approval by all” switcher, which will turn blue when activated.
Require approval by all approvers

Please note that only Admins and Managers of your organization can be selected as approvers.

Creating rules for approval

You can also add rules for when a person should be included as an approver. If you don’t add rules, all approvers will be added for each contract generated from the template.

Customizable rules for approval

To create rules for approval, simply

  1. Add an approver and click the Add rules switcher,
  2. Set up the rules for approval. You have three options for rule-based approvals and can also create rule combinations by clicking the (+) button next to a rule: Reference lets you create a rule based on responses to questions in the drafting questionnaire. This option is suitable e.g. when you only want the approver to be added for contracts exceeding a certain value.

    Contract creator lets you create a rule based on who drafts the contract. This option is suitable e.g. if you have a manager that is responsible for approving drafts created by certain people.

    Team lets you create a rule based on which team the person that drafts the contract belongs to. This option is suitable e.g. if you have different approvers for different departments.

Pro tip: You can add different rules for the same approver. For instance, one manager could approve all contracts exceeding a certain value. That same manager can also be added as an approver when a certain individual drafts a contract, even if the value is lower than required for the other rule.

Setting approval orders

You are also able to determine in which order approvals should be made using approval orders. Combining approval orders with approval rules allows for some truly powerful approval workflows.

To set approvals orders, simply:

  1. Click Templates in the top menu and choose the template for which you wish to configure approval orders,
  2. Add your approvers in the Approval section and activate the Require approval in order switch (it turns blue when activated and grey when deactivated),
  3. Drag and drop the approvers in the list until you have the correct order.

Note: In order for approval orders to work, Require approval by all must also be enabled for the template.

What happens when I have activated approvals?

Once approvals are activated for a template, users generating a contract using that template won't be able to send the contract for e-signing or external review before it’s approved by an authorized approver (or all of them, if required).

The approval workflow

When a contract is generated from a template that has approvals enabled, all authorized approvers receive an automatic email notification. The pending approval also appears in the approver's dashboard.

Once the project has been approved, the contract(s) will be locked for further edits. The contract can now also be sent for review or sent for signing.

Pending approvals

Note: if a contract is sent for review and it turns out that changes need to be made, an approver has to reset approvals before it can be edited. Once the changes have been made, an approver (or all of them) needs to approve the contract again.

Approved project message

Pro tip: To further increase your control, you can decide whether users are allowed to upload and send documents for e-signing or not. You can also decide if users can upload files on their own when drafting from a template.

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