Add approvers and rules for approvals

Approval rules are applied individually for each template. Consequently, the first step is to head over to the template for which approvals shall apply by clicking Templates in the top menu and then clicking a template (or, if you haven't created a template yet, create a new template).

In the individual template's overview, click Manage approvers and choose a person or group of people that are authorized to approve contracts generated from the template. Continue by selecting the person(s) authorized to approve. 

Once you've selected and saved the approvers, select whether all approvers must approve the contracts generated from the template, or whether it's sufficient for any person on the list to approve them individually. The latter is the standard option, which will apply in case you only enable the left switch called Require approval. In case you switch on both options, all selected approvers must approve each contract generated from the template. 

What happens when I have activated approvals? 

Once approvals are activated for a specific template, the user generating contracts using the template won't be able to sent the contract for e-signing before the project/contract is approved by an authorized approver (or all of them). 

1. All authorized approvers will receive an automatic email notification each time a contract is generated from the template. The pending approval will also appear in the approver's dashboard. 

2. Once the project has been approved, the signing ability will be re-activated and the contract(s) will be locked for further changes. 

3. The contract(s) are sent for e-signing.

Happy contracting! 

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