You can negotiate a contract by sending it for review, allowing external users to comment on it as well as upload their own suggested version. To send a contract for review, simply

  1. Click Draft & sign in the top menu and click the project which contains a document that should be sent for review,

  2. Click Review, enter the reviewer’s information, and click Send invitation,

  3. The reviewer(s) will receive an invitation to review and comment on the draft via email.

An image showing where you can invite reviewers in your projects

The invited reviewers access the review view through their email invitation, while you click the blue Review button in the draft’s overview.

Pro tip: You can make comments internal by activating Make comment internal in the review view. Internal comments are characterized by their yellow color and are only visible to users in your organization with access to the project.

Note: only contracts created through Precisely can be sent for review. Sending a contract for review is available to Professional and Enterprise plans. If you’re on a Starter plan and would like to upgrade to a plan that includes sending for review, please visit your organization’s billing page or contact Precisely.

PS. You can collaborate both internally and externally using versioning. Learn more about Precisely’s contract versioning here.

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