One way of sorting and finding contracts quickly in the archive is to add metadata to them, such as start and end date, value, time of notice etc. 

Contracts created in Precisely using automated templates already include some metadata points, but it's also possible to easily add or remove data items to any contract on your own. 

Adding metadata tags to contracts in the archive

To tag contracts in the archive with metadata, simply:

  1. Click Archive in the top menu, 
  2. Choose the contract that you wish to add metadata tags to, 
  3. In the contract’s overview, simply add the metadata by filling out the metadata boxes. There are multiple metadata categories to choose from in the overview and you’ll find even more categories under Add new field. Then, click the blue Save button. 

Bonus: You can create fully customizable reminders for each contract in the archive. The reminders will be sent to the recipient per email and also appear in the dashboard — always know when to renegotiate, renew or terminate contracts in time.

Adding metadata tags to automated templates

By adding metadata tags to a template, all contracts generated from the template will automatically contain those metadata tags. 

  1. Click Templates in the top menu,
  2. Choose the template you wish to add metadata tags to, 
  3. In the template’s overview, click the blue Add/Edit button under Metadata, and
  4. Add metadata tags by filling out the metadata boxes. Then, click the blue Save button. 

Pro tip: You can connect the input from your references in a template to certain metadata tags. The input will be shown in the archive as metadata for every document drafted from that template. 

For instance, the response of the question relating to the counterparty's name could populate the equivalent metadata tag. Simply switch on the Reference button and select the applicable reference. 

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