How do I add appendices to a template or a document?

Learn how to add appendices or addendums to a template or a document

If you have additional general terms, standard industry terms, policies or other appendices, you can add them to

  • a document in a template (BONUS: you can even work with appendices in the editor),

  • a document in a contract drafted from a template (depending on your access level), or

  • a document that is uploaded to be sent for signing.

Adding appendices to documents in templates

To add appendices to a document in a template, simply:

  1. Click Templates in the top menu and choose the template you wish to add appendices to,

  2. Once you’ve added a document to the template, click the Appendices button to the right of the document, and then the Add appendix button.

  3. Choose if you want to upload a static PDF appendix, or if you want to create a blank appendix. If you create a blank appendix, you're able to work with it in the editor. It means you'll be able to add text, references, conditional blocks, formulas, and more - in other words, all the things as in the main template document.

Editable Appendix

⚠️ Note: If the output in the generated project results in an empty appendix due to conditions not being met (e.g. the whole appendix was a big conditional block), the appendix won't be included at all.


💡Pro tip: When naming your appendix, you can include references in the title name.

Screenshot 2023-03-29 at 09.57.24

NEW! Adding appendix slots in templates

If your industry requires contracts to contain specific appendices, for example building plans, but those appendices always contain unique content, you can create appendix slots to make sure those appendices are uploaded every time. 

Appendix slots act as a placeholder during drafting and indicate to the user that appendices must be uploaded while drafting a project.

To add appendix slots:

    1. Click Templates in the top menu and choose the template you wish to add an appendix slot to.
    2. Once you have added a document to the template, go to the “Document” section and click “Appendices” to open the appendix tab. Then, click the Add appendix slot button.
      Templates - Add appendix slot
  1. Type the name of your appendix slot. Make sure the name is clear enough so the drafter knows what appendix they need to upload.
  2. Tick the box if you want the appendix to be required.

Templates - Mark appendix as required

Note: Admins and Managers with editing access to the template can delete a required appendix slot. Member users must upload a required appendix before generating documents.
Project draft - Member view - Required appendix

If you need to make any edits to the appendix slot, click “Edit”. You will be able to rename the appendix slot and change the requirement setting. If you need to delete the appendix slot, click the three dots, then “Delete.”

You can drag and drop the appendix slots and appendices in your templates to move the item up or down.

Adding appendices to documents drafted from templates and documents uploaded for signing

You can also add appendices to a document in a contract drafted from a template or to one that is uploaded to be sent for signing.

To do this, simply:

  1. Click Draft & sign in the top menu and click the project you wish to add appendices to,

  2. Click the Appendices button to the right of the document, and

  3. Click the Add appendix button and choose the .pdf file(s) you wish to add.


Re-ordering appendices

If your appendices should appear in a certain order, e.g. general terms followed by policies, you’re able to decide this set order. To re-order appendices, simply

  1. Add your appendices to your draft or template document by following the steps above,

  2. Drag and drop the appendices into the correct order.

Your appendices will now appear in the order you have set when the project is sent for signing.

Adding a list of appendices

If you so wish, it is possible to insert an automatically generated list of appendices to the document when you send it for signing.

To turn this feature on, an Admin user needs to go to Organization settings > Scroll down to List of Appendices > Turn on the toggle.

Once this functionality is on, a numbered list of appendices will be insert between the document and the appendices. 

List of appendices

Technical remarks

The following formats are supported in appendices: PDF, JPEG, JPG, and PNG. If the file is not in PDF format, it will automatically be converted into it.

Images as appendices

Appendices cannot be edited after being added to a document.

When sending a document for review, the appendices can be accessed via the "Appendices" button.

Screenshot 2023-04-03 at 12.00.13There are also three scenarios where appendices are locked, meaning they can no longer be added, renamed or deleted:

  1. When the signature process has started. Or in other words, when the contract has been sent for signing or is already signed,

  2. One or more approvers have already approved the contract,

  3. The user has a Member role and is therefore not allowed to work with appendices. See how to allow members to upload appendices.


Pro tip: You can also interlink documents in the archive, making it possible to quickly see and navigate between related documents.