If you have documents or contracts in your archive that are related to each other, such as amendments, supplements or appendices, you can create an interlinking relationship between them. 

By creating a relationship, you can easily see what other documents a document is related to and navigate between them. 

Creating interlinking relationships

To create a document relationship, simply:

  1. Click Archive in the top menu and choose the document you wish to interlink, 

  2. Click the New relationship button in the Related documents section, 

  3. Choose which document it should be related to and what type of relationship they should have, and 

  4. Click the blue Save button. 

You are now able to see the relation on both of the interlinked documents. You can also quickly navigate between the related documents by clicking the document’s name in the Related documents section. 

 Tip: You can also locate contracts in the Archive by searching, filtering and creating filter segments

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