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Precisely + DocuSign (Qualified Electronic Signature) Integration

Learn more about signing contracts using signing integration with DocuSign Qualified Electronic Signature

In addition to unlimited use of Dropbox Sign (previously called HelloSign) as a default e-signing provider included in your plan, Precisely Contracting Platform offers several signing integrations.

Precisely + DocuSign ID Now (Qualified Electronic Signature - QES) integration
is a great choice for customers who already use DocuSign in their workflow and would like to continue using it when sending contracts for signing in Precisely. 

In order to be able to set up DocuSign QES in the customer’s organization, it is necessary for the customer an ID Now subscription (part of DocuSign Identify) with API access. Please note that you need to contact DocuSign yourself to set up this subscription. Then, we at Precisely will connect it to your Precisely organization.


What is Qualified Electronic Signature (QES)?

In accordance with the EU’s eIDAS regulation, a Qualified Electronic Signature meets the strictest requirements when it comes to identity verification of the involved signing parties. In the EU, it is considered to be legally identical to a wet signature, and it includes face-to-face verification, among other steps.


Additional features

With DocuSign as a signing provider, users are able to choose the placement of the signature, as well as add the signature to the footer of every page of a document.

Placing signatures

Documents created in Precisely’s editor get an invisible table appended automatically, with one row per signee. If you want to choose the location for the table, rather than getting it appended to the end, you have to insert a paragraph at the root of the document saying [DOCUSIGN_TABLE] and nothing else (for example, no spaces or new rows). The paragraph can not be inside a list, table, conditional block, etc.

Screenshot 2022-08-18 at 13.09.52

Imported documents, unfortunately, need to have invisible anchor strings – one for each signee and field type:

  • [DOCUSIGN_EMAIL_1] - Email address of the first signee
  • [DOCUSIGN_SIGNATURE_1] - Signature of the first signee
  • [DOCUSIGN_FULL_NAME_1] - Full name of the first signee
  • [DOCUSIGN_ROLE_1] - Role of the first signee
  • [DOCUSIGN_ORGANIZATION_1] - Organization of the first signee

Since it's not possible to edit imported documents in Precisely, this needs to be adjusted before uploading the document into the Precisely platform (for example, in Word).

Information that’s not available, such as if the role’s not filled out, will be left blank. More anchors than signees is not a problem, but issues will occur if there are fewer. The recommended way of formatting the anchor text is to use a normal text size (12 points) and white text color. 


Screenshot 2022-08-18 at 13.12.13

💡PRO TIP: You can also customize the signing table for documents created in Precisely’s editor.

  • Step 1: use custom fields
  • Step 2: to exclude the automatically added table, add the anchor [DOCUSIGN_NO_TABLE]

Screenshot 2022-08-18 at 13.17.35



Signing every page of a document

Precisely supports signatures on every page of a document by adding the shortcode [DOCUSIGN_FOOTER] at the end of a document. Adding the shortcode above will, once the document is sent for signing, insert a table in the footer of every page where every signee will have to sign.

Please note that this does not exclude signees from the end-of-contract signature.

Screenshot 2022-08-18 at 13.09.06


NEW: Prepare for signing and send the document from your DocuSign account

To allow further customization and flexibility, you can also choose to prepare the document for signing and send it directly from DocuSign.

To do that, simply click the "Send to DocuSign" button once your document in Precisely is ready for the signing stage. Then, you'll be redirected to your DocuSign account, where you're able to adjust the signing flow (signees + signing fields) and finally, send the document for signing from there. Please note that this only works if you have credentials to log in to your DocuSign account.

Even though the document will be sent for signing from DocuSign, the final signee list and signing statuses will be accurately updated in the Precisely Platform. However, note that not all information can be transferred - for example, we can only show information that is nowadays supported in Precisely (signee name, email, company, job title). If you use some other fields directly in DocuSign, these won't be visible in your project overview in the Precisely Platform.

Screenshot 2023-07-11 at 09.39.46

⚠️ If you're using DocuSign in Precisely, please note that the functionality "Send to DocuSign" is not by default in your Precisely organization. Contact us to enable it.


Technical specifications

With DocuSign, you can

  • include up to 99 signees per document
  • send files (main document + appendices) up to 25 MB


Curious about signing integrations? Make sure to contact us to learn more!