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How can Precisely benefit my business?

Learn more about Precisely’s features and how they can benefit your business

Trusted by legal, loved by the business. By using Precisely, you can automate your contract workflows all across the enterprise. 

What the Precisely platform gives your business

  • Automated contract creation
    Convert any of your contracts into automated templates and enable anyone on your team to quickly create compliant contracts through self-service drafting

  • Stay in control of your contracts
    Use automated approval workflows to eliminate undesired amendments to your contracts. User-level authorization makes sure that each contract has the right content.

  • Negotiations and legally binding e-signing
    Easily review contracts with your counterparties and sign them using legally binding e-signatures. All you and your counterparties need is a smartphone.  

  • All your contracts in one place
    Get unlimited (and bank-level secure) storage for all of your contracts. Discover the benefits of going digital, such as metadata tagging, automated archiving and smart searching and filtering. 

  • Never miss an important deadline again
    Stay on top of your contracts through your dashboard and smart reminders. Never miss expiries, renegotiations, deadlines or any other milestone.

  • And more. 

Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you want to know more about how Precisely can automate your contract workflows.


Happy contracting!