One of the perks of using a fully digital contract management system is that it can automate your contract archiving. No more searching for the right folder on your computer (or in filing cabinets – oh, the horror!) each time a document needs to be archived! 

By setting up automated archiving for your templates, all contracts created from the template are automatically stored in the correct location. 

Setting up automated archiving is easy, just follow these steps:

  1. Click Templates in the top menu and choose the template that you wish to automate archiving for,
  2. In the template overview, click Archiving and select the folder or subfolder in which documents generated from the template should automatically be archived. Then, click the blue Save button. 

Simple as that! You’ve just automated your archiving! 

Note: You need to create the destination folder or subfolder for automatic archiving prior to selecting the archiving destination from the template overview. 

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