How do I use folders to categorize my contracts?

Learn how to use folders to categorize and sort your contracts

Folders can be used to gather contracts of the same type or contracts belonging to a certain project in one place. 

Creating folders and subfolders

To create folders, simply

  1. Click Archive in the top menu, 

  2. Click the green New button in the top left,  

  3. Click New folder, name your folder and click the blue Create button.

To create subfolders, simply click the main folder to open it and repeat the steps above. 


Screenshot 2022-07-26 at 10.45.52

Moving items into folders

To move a contract or folder into a folder, simply

  1. Click Archive in the top menu,

  2. Click the Options button (the three dots) on the right-hand side of the contract or folder you wish to move,

  3. Click the Move to button, choose the folder that you want to move the item to and click the blue Save button.


P.S: You can also automatically store your project's documents into the archive folder by setting up automated archiving.