How do I amend a contract?

Learn more about smart amendments and how to include answers from the old contract to create a new project draft

You are able to amend a contract by drafting an amendment that only describes the changes and appends the old contract. To do this, 

  1. click Amend document next to the completed document you’d like to make changes to
    • Example: Employee Agreement
  2. select an amendment template to start drafting the document that will describe the changes
    • Example: Salary increase template

Screenshot 2023-10-26 at 10.23.35

When using the “Amend document” feature, the answers to the references and metadata from the old document will automatically be included in the new project draft.

This means if you have the same references in the old and the new document, the answers can be re-used.

Also, if you have metadata in the old document (e.g. Signing date) with the same name as a reference in the new document (e.g. signing-date reference), the content will also be copied.

In other words, no need to re-type or re-answer anything in the new contract that has already been a part of the original document!

Autopopulated answers

The newly generated project will include a new document and the original document as an appendix. If you want, you're able to remove the appendix.

On top of that, all signees from the old contract will be copied to the new amendment document.

Finally, in the Archive, both documents will automatically be related as “amendment to” or “amended by”.

Amendments New project


NOTE! You cannot amend pending documents. This means that your document must be either

  • fully signed in Precisely
  • manually changed to "completed" (read more), or
  • directly imported into the Archive.


💡Pro tip: You can use the Amend document feature for other types of contract relationships, such as contract renewals, extensions, and addendums.

As long as you can save yourself some time by having answers auto-populated from the original contract's references and metadata, we say go for it! 💪

P.S: We suggest adjusting the automatic Archive relationship from "amendment to"/"amended by" to e.g. "related to".