Maximize Precisely’s integration with your general workspace!

Our team can link your Precisely account to your existing workspace. Currently, we offer Single Sign-on Integration and Synchronization with your Active Directory that can make your workflow even more efficient.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Avoid remembering numerous usernames and passwords. With the Single Sign-on (SSO) integration, you and your coworkers can easily access the Precisely platform using the same authentication method as in your other work-related apps. By doing this, account management becomes easier and the security greater.

Directory Sync

If your company uses one active directory (AD) to keep a track of the employees and the given access to different work resources, we at Precisely can also synchronize this with our platform.

With directory sync, you are able to keep full control of your employees that are also

Precisely users. This is possible even if your company has multiple organizations within Precisely.

In our platform, you will automatically be notified of all relevant changes related to users, groups, or access rules. This also includes new relevant employees being added to our platform accordingly. Of course, you will still be able to make adjustments to the platform if needed, without interrupting your general directory.

For technical reasons, it is required to also have the SSO integration in order to

synchronize your Active Directory with Precisely. Note that you do not necessarily need to use the same provider for SSO and AD.

Curious about integrations? Contact us to find out more.

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