Some documents require signatures on every page, rather than having an appended signature page at the end of the document.

Precisely supports placing signatures and adding signatures to the footer of every page of a document using DocuSign.

Placing signatures

Documents created in Precisely’s editor get an invisible table appended automatically, with one row per signee. If you want to choose the location for the table, rather than getting it appended to the end, you have to insert a paragraph at the root of the document saying [DOCUSIGN_TABLE] and nothing else. The paragraph can not be inside a list, table, conditional block, etc.

Imported documents, unfortunately, need to have invisible anchor strings – one for each signee and field type:

[DOCUSIGN_EMAIL_1] - Email address of the first signee

[DOCUSIGN_SIGNATURE_1] - Signature of the first signee

[DOCUSIGN_FULL_NAME_1] - Full name of the first signee

[DOCUSIGN_ROLE_1] - Role of the first signee

[DOCUSIGN_ORGANIZATION_1] - Organization of the first signee

Information that’s not available, such as if the role’s not filled out, will be left blank. More anchors than signees is not a problem, but issues will occur if there are fewer. The recommended way of formatting the anchor text is to use a normal text size (12 points) and white text color.

Signing every page of a document

Precisely supports signatures on every page of a document by adding the shortcode [DOCUSIGN_FOOTER] at the end of a document. Adding the shortcode above will, once the document is sent for signing, insert a table in the footer of every page where every signee will have to sign.

Please note that this does not exclude signees from the end-of-contract signature and that the functionality is at an early stage at the moment.

Adding the DocuSign shortcode

To use DocuSign signatures on every page of a document, add a paragraph at the end of the document saying [DOCUSIGN_FOOTER] and nothing else.

An image showing the DocuSign shortcode at the end of a document

The DocuSign shortcode will be removed in signing and be replaced by signature footers on every page.

Note: DocuSign is a premium integration that requires you to have your own API account to function. Once set up, we can activate DocuSign for organizations and templates of your choice, just like with any other e-signing integration.

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