It's estimated that 10 % of all signed contracts in a company have completely disappeared (Faulkner Information Services). They’re gone with the wind, completely lost. Where are you keeping your contracts today? In binders? In your email inbox? Somewhere in the cloud? Or are they scattered all over?

Well, not if you’re using Precisely! Precisely offers unlimited storage for all of your contracts. The secure servers (read: bank-level secure servers) give you safe access to all of your contracts in one place — always, anywhere. While the smart search and filtering functions make it possible to quickly find what you're looking for.

How to import contracts

First and foremost, contracts created in and/or electronically signed using Precisely are automatically transferred to—and stored in—your digital archive. No more paper.

Legacy agreements, as well as other agreements that you've signed manually, are easily imported. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Click Archive in the top menu,
  2. Click the green New button to the top left,
  3. Click Import document and choose the files you wish to import.

Voilá! All of your contracts are now stored in one secure place.

Pro tip: If you’re managing multiple contracts of the same type or want to gather all contracts belonging to a certain project in one place, you can store them in folders.

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