What are Supporting Files in Draft & Sign?

Learn more about the Supporting Files part of the project

In Precisely, the part of your project in Draft & Sign may have Supporting Files.

Screenshot 2023-03-09 at 14.23.40

Supporting Files are the internal files available only to teams that also have access to that specific project in Draft & Sign.

⚠️ The files are not visible or reachable through the Archive.

How can I work with Supporting Files?

Currently, the only way to have these files is if they were automatically uploaded through Precisely + Microsoft Outlook Email integration (BETA). Those files are .eml files from the emails.

EML stands for ​​an “electronic mail format”, which is the email content saved in plain text. It includes messages, senders, time, and more. This type of file can be sent/received through RFC-822-compliant email programs (one of them being Microsoft Outlook).