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Precisely + SmartID integration

Learn more about signing contracts using SmartID, a Qualified Electronic Signature used in the Baltic countries

In addition to unlimited use of Dropbox Sign (previously called HelloSign) as a default e-signing provider included in your plan, Precisely offers several signing integrations.



SmartID is a Baltic digital identity platform used in the three Baltic states - Estonia, Lithuania, and Latvia.

It provides the highest level of electronic signature (QES - Qualified Electronic signature) as defined by eIDAS.

The signing method is optimal for Precisely users from Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia that are required to sign contracts using SmartID, which is often the case due to specific national laws and regulations. 

Interested in SmartID or any other signing integrations? Make sure to get in touch!


Technical specifications

With SmartID and Precisely, you can

  • send files (main document + appendices) up to 10 MB


P.S: SmartID is a part of Precisely’s partnership with Scrive signing provider. We can either set up Precisely’s Scrive account for the customer, or they can use their own Scrive subscription.