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How do I decide on the number formatting in my organization?

Learn how to choose a number formatting standard for your organization

The default number formatting in Precisely does not involve any spaces between the digits, and it uses a dot as a decimal separator.

Example:Screenshot 2023-11-13 at 09.40.58

However, Admin users can decide on a number formatting on the organization level.

⚠️ We currently support number formatting customization only for monetary values in metadata and archive columns.

Number formatting for monetary values

Go to Organization settings, and simply select a number format locale.

monetary number value formatting 3

This means you should select a country whose monetary formatting standards you want to use: for example, a country where your organization is located. This is regardless of the currency/currencies you're using in your contracts, and regardless of the communication language used in your organization. 

Example: if you select "German (Germany)", monetary values will be shown according to the formatting standard(s) used in Germany.

Where is the formatting visible?

The custom number formatting will be reflected only if that numeric value is tied to a monetary metadata point.👇 See the full list of monetary metadata:

Monetary metadata
Contract Value
Implementation Fee
License Fee
Rent per sqft
Rent per sqm
Upfront Fee


That means, the custom format will be visible in the:

  • metadata formmonetary number value formatting 1
  • archive columns

monetary number value formatting 2

Please note the formatting is not visible in the contract itself - for example, if you have a numeric question and a reference.


⚠️ Important! When typing in the monetary value, you don't need to follow the formatting standard set up in your organization. Instead, you should only write numbers (no spaces) and a decimal separator (either a comma or a dot).

Screenshot 2023-11-13 at 09.37.48

Then, the number will automatically convert into your organization's standard.

Screenshot 2023-11-13 at 09.37.53