How do I change the language of our outgoing communication?

Learn how to change communication language; the language of your organization’s external communication, such as signature request emails

To ensure consistent communication, Admins are able to set a communication language for your organization. This causes all outgoing communication to be in that language. You can choose between English, Danish, Dutch, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Polish* and Swedish.

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To change communication language, simply

  1. Click your organization’s name in the top-right menu and choose Organization settings,

  2. Choose language in the communication language drop-down and click the blue Update settings button.

If the recipient is already a Precisely user, the language will always default to the language set in that user’s profile.

Note: Communication language is enforced across the entire organization, causing outgoing communication for all users to be in the selected language. If you want to change the language in which the platform appears to you, only change the application language in your personal settings.


*Polish language is currently only available as the language in the emails (general outgoing communication or personal preference language). The platform itself will be in English if "Polish" is selected in Profile settings.