How do I create a conditional table row?

Learn more about creating conditional table rows in templates to ensure certain rows are included only if conditions are met

Creating and automating templates in Precisely can be done using many smart features, such as setting up formulas, conditions, or different types of questions.

Likewise, it is possible to set up a conditional table row as a part of a contract that will appear only when certain conditions are met

  • Example: You want to create and automate a table with a pricing list. For Product X, you want to include all information - such as name and a price - in a separate table row. You'd like this row to appear only if Product X is selected in the first place.

To make a table row conditional, simply:

  1. Click the gray bar above a selected column to reveal the in-context menu,
  2. Click the Conditional row button, select which reference the row should depend on, and set the criteria.

Screenshot 2022-04-19 at 15.29.43

P.S: In a similar way, you can also set up conditional blocks - textual parts of your contract that will appear only when certain conditions are met.