How can I know when someone has reviewed a document?

Learn more about notification settings and how to be informed when your parties have completed their review

Once you invited an internal or external party for a review, they will receive an automatic email notification inviting them to review a document. Read more: How does it look to review a Precisely document as an external party?


However, there are several ways to set up how you want to be notified if there has been a new activity, comment, redlining, or a suggestion in the document sent for a review or negotiation.

  • Option 1: Automatically get an email notification when someone has made a suggestion
  • Option 2: Allow your reviewers to complete their review and get an email notification once they've finished and clicked the Share suggestion button

How it works?

Choosing between the two notification options must be done by admins in the organization settings.

1. Click on your organization's name in the top right corner and select Organization settings.

2. Choose whether you want to have the notification setting on (default) or turn it off.

Screenshot 2022-07-29 at 11.07.58

Option 1: "Automatically notify reviewers" is ON

If the button is switched on, it means everyone involved in the review process will receive an email notification every time there's been an update in the document. More precisely, email notifications are sent every 30mins if there's been a new activity.

PROS: If you decide to receive an automatic notification every time there's been new activity in the document, you'll be able to keep full control of the review process, and never miss any update. Automatic email notifications will, in a way, keep you informed if the user has even started working on their review.


Option 2: "Automatically notify reviewers" is OFF

If you decide to turn the button off, all review documents will have the Share suggestions button included. This means that the involved parties will only get an email notification once a reviewer has clicked the button.

PROS: By choosing this setting, the reviewers have the opportunity to suggest changes at their own pace with minimized interference from other parties as long as the review is still in progress. Besides that, the reviewers can choose which parties involved in the project should be notified of their redlining, suggesting, and commenting. On the other side, other reviewers and the contract creator will save a valuable amount of time by only taking a look at completed suggestions.


Will I be able to see changes made by reviewers even if I choose the "Share suggestions" option?

Are you curious about whether the reviewing process has even started? No worries! Any suggestions from the reviewer are automatically saved in the Precisely platform and are visible to the contract creator at any time.