Embedded signing (API)

Learn more about the possibility to let your counterparties sign Precisely contracts directly in your own system

You can integrate Precisely’s functionalities with your favorite apps and software through the Precisely Contract Automation API.

Precisely’s features can be used with almost any other system. Examples of Precisely functionality that can be performed in connection with your other software using integrations include:

  • automated contract creation based on data in e.g. your CRM, ERP, or HR system,

  • sending contracts for e-signing directly from a third-party system (the signees receive an automated email signature request),

  • signing contracts directly in your environment (embedded signing),
  • exporting copies of executed contracts and backups to your current software suite,

  • ...and much more

Please visit the Precisely REST API documentation for more technical information and the full list of supported functionalities.

Embedded signing: let others sign directly in your environment

One of the supported functionalities in Precisely's Public API is embedded signing.

This means that your signees can sign Precisely contracts directly in your own system - for example: your software, app or website.

Let your counterparties sign directly in your own environment, while all the contracting magic behind is being automated and securely stored in a single source of truth: Precisely - the Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) platform.


Signing providers

In general, signing Precisely contracts requires a third-party signing provider. Currently, there are 6 different signing providers and 15 methods we support and/or can integrate with Precisely (read more)

When it comes to embedded signing, we support the following signing providers and methods:


1. Dropbox Sign (formerly HelloSign)

Signing method: eSign


2. Scrive

Signing methods: eSign, PIN by SMS, Swedish BankID, Norwegian BankID, Danish NemID/MitID, Finnish eIDs (Finnish trust Network), Verimi (Germany), SmartID (the Baltics: Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia)

Signing Precisely Contracts with any of these methods requires an additional integration that is a part of our partnership with Scrive. We can either set up Precisely’s Scrive account for the customer, or they can use their own Scrive subscription when signing contracts with Precisely.

Technical requirements

Your Precisely username and password are used for authentication and your permissions/user role also applies when using integrations. Please contact Precisely to get going with our API license.


P.S: Make sure to check out all our integrations, such as native integration with Salesforce and HubSpot, as well as Precisely's Zapier app.