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Custom hosting

Learn more about Precisely's capability to host your organization(s) in a separate place

To be able to meet security and privacy requirements from various industries and/or different national and legal requirements, Precisely offers its customers the ability to deploy our entire infrastructure for their Precisely organization(s) in a segregated environment anywhere in the world. This type of deployment is called custom hosting.

Why custom hosting?

Custom hosting is a hosting option that enables the Precisely team to deploy the entire infrastructure for your Precisely organization(s) anywhere in the world in a completely separate environment. 

The need for this type of hosting can be for different security and privacy reasons, such as:

A legal requirement where your data is not allowed to leave a certain country or a region

Precisely’s custom hosting benefit:

Some countries require data to be hosted within the physical borders of that country, and by setting up a custom hosting environment with Precisely, you ensure that no data leaves the country and everything is stored in a secure and private environment. This varies from country to country, it can also depend on the industry, and it is usually subject to anything from a simple national guideline to a strict law.

A need for enhanced security

Precisely’s custom hosting benefit:

There’s a rapidly growing need for maximized security in all industries operating in the cyber world. This includes not only looking after your company itself, but also considering the security of all your third-party contractors, vendors, and similar. Therefore, many industries opt for a custom hosting solution to maximize the security of their data. With our custom hosting solution, you can feel safe that your data is physically segregated from other users’ data, and this also allows you to stay in control over your own data and setup. Furthermore, we also offer different choices in hosting setup, and will collaborate with your team to find the one that suits you the best.


In conclusion, sometimes the logical separation of data is not enough for the security requirements of companies who handle highly sensitive data, or the country's laws require the data to be hosted within the borders of that specific country, or both. In those cases, we offer our customers a completely private and segregated setup where we host our complete infrastructure in a separate location that doesn’t communicate at all with Precisely’s general cluster, services outside the region, or subprocessors that do not meet the privacy demands. 

How to set this up?

In collaboration with the customer, we will find a suitable hosting solution based on the requirements set out by their internal regulations or applicable laws, as well as configure any supporting services such as email and signing providers along with our services.

In need of more information?

If you’re looking for more technical information, or you’d simply like to know more about custom hosting or security in Precisely, make sure to contact us. If your company has an IT department, don’t forget you can also talk to them. We’re here to keep your data secure!