Providing contract information as a non-Precisely user

Are you new to Precisely and have been asked to help draft a contract? Learn more about how to proceed

First and foremost: Welcome to Precisely! If you are reading this, you have probably been invited by Precisely's user who's drafting a contract and needs your help in providing specific information. Here is what you need to know:

What is Precisely?

Precisely is a contract management platform, allowing the organization that invited you to manage their entire contract life cycles through automation and ensure compliance.

How do I help the person who invited me to draft a contract?

The person who invited you is currently drafting a contract related to you or your company, but doesn't know all the details - such as names, organization or personal identity numbers, address, and similar. Therefore, they need your input!

If they have requested some of the information, you'll receive an automated email where you're able to see these questions and answer them.

When trying to access the questions through your email, you'll need to additionally authenticate yourself by a code received in a separate email.

Then, simply answer your questions, and click "Submit answers".

Assign questions 5

That's all! The person who invited you will automatically be notified.

⚠️ Please note ⚠️ that you can only see the questions assigned to you, and not the actual contract. If you are expected to review the whole document or ultimately sign it, you'll be invited in a separate email if and when your counterparty decides to do so.


Is Precisely a secure environment?

Precisely is founded by lawyers and puts the utmost importance on security. To ensure that private information stays private, we use bank-level TLS encryption and state-of-the-art server infrastructure with world-class security standards. For more information on the measures we take to protect your contracts, please visit our security page.