How do I choose an exact time for a reminder to be sent?

Learn more about choosing a specific hour to trigger a reminder

With Precisely, you can smoothly keep track of important dates and times for contract-related actions - for instance, contract expiries, renewals, and renegotiations - by setting up reminders.

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Reminders are always set to be sent at a specific date. When it comes to a specific time (hour) of the day, they are automatically sent out at 06:00 UTC, which means 7:00 am (Central European Time) or 08:00 am (Central European Time - Summer Time) on a corresponding day, no matter in which time zone you're located. It is not possible to select and automate the exact hours on the template level.

Instead, if you want to change the hour of the day when a reminder should be sent, you can easily do that in the already generated document by editing an existing reminder (or adding a new one).

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