Through the Precisely Contract Automation API, you can integrate Precisely’s functionalities with your favorite apps and software. Examples of what can be performed in connection with your other software using integrations include:

  • automated contract creation based on data in e.g. your CRM, ERP, or HR system,

  • sending contracts for e-signing directly from a third party system,

  • exporting of copies of executed contracts and backups to your current software suite,

  • and more.

To be able to authenticate yourself in order to make integrations to the platform, it is necessary to generate and use API tokens. They can be used for authentication on both organization and user level.

When it comes to the user level, you are able to view, create, name and delete the tokens directly in the Precisely App.

Admins of the organization are able to see all users’ tokens and revoke them if necessary.

In the organization settings, admins can also choose if they want to allow managers and members to be able to generate API tokens.

Please note that integrations are only available to Enterprise plans. Make sure to contact us if you have any questions.

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