How do I redline contracts using Precisely?

Learn how to redline and collaborate on contracts using Precisely’s suggest mode

Collaborating on contracts is a lot easier if you are able to suggest changes in a visual way. Because of this, Precisely has developed a suggest mode for redlining projects.

Redlining using suggest mode

Using the suggest mode, you are able to redline in three different ways:

  • Suggest replacement: highlight the text that you want to suggest a replacement for and enter your replacement.

  • Suggest removal: delete the text you want to suggest to be removed.

  • Suggest addition: add the text that you want to suggest to add.

To collaborate by redlining a project document, simply

  1. Click Draft & sign in the top menu and click the draft which contains the document you want to redline,

  2. If the project only contains a published document version, start by creating a new draft version,

  3. Open the draft document in the editor by clicking the Edit button on the right-hand side of the document,

  4. If not already selected, switch to the suggest mode using the mode selection dropdown on the top right-hand side of the editor.


Both admins and managers are able to accept and deny suggestions.