Precisely's Zapier app

Learn how to quickly create custom integrations without any coding using Precisely’s Zapier app

Moving information between software is often a manual, time-consuming, and error-prone practice. With Precisely’s Zapier app you can easily integrate multiple systems and send information between the different platforms automatically.

Zapier makes it possible to automatically move data between your business department’s apps and build custom integrations without any coding. Depending on what apps you use, this could mean a lot of things. For instance, Zapier makes it possible to connect your CRM system with your accounting tool, to seamlessly create invoices whenever a deal moves to a certain stage. All in all, you can connect over 2,000 apps with Precisely’s Zapier app.

At its core, Zapier lets you create automated workflows called ‘Zaps’. A Zap consists of a trigger and one or more actions. For instance, the trigger could be that a contract is signed through Precisely. Whenever a contract is signed, the action comes in, which could be sending a Slack message or saving a copy of the signed contract to Google Drive as a backup.

Creating a simple Precisely + Google Drive Zap using Precisely’s Zapier app

Prerequisites: To create integrations using Precisely’s Zapier app, you must have a Zapier account and an active Precisely account.

Trigger: Signed document in Precisely.

Action: Save a copy of the signed document in a Google Drive folder.

When logged into Zapier, start off by clicking the “MAKE A ZAP” button.


On the first page of the Zap creation, start by naming your Zap as well as setting your trigger and the following action.

Trigger: Search for “Precisely” … and select the Precisely App.

  1. Choose the Trigger Event, e.g. Contract Signed, and log into your Precisely account.

  2. When asked to Customize Signed Document, choose the Precisely organization that you want to integrate with the Zap.

  3. Test your trigger and choose one of the samples provided. If everything is working correctly, continue to the 2. Do this … section.

Action: Click 2. Do this … and select the app that you want to integrate with Precisely’s app. In the case of this example, we are using Google Drive.

  1. Choose the Action Event, e.g. Upload File. Depending on the app you want to integrate with Precisely, you may need to give Zapier access to it.

  2. Configure the Action Event. In this case, select what Google Drive account and what specific folder you want to use under Customize Upload File. You will then be asked to choose a file. In this example, we want to move a .pdf version of the signed contract to Google Drive and will, therefore, select “PDF File” from the drop-down menu.


You will now get the option to test the full functionality of your Zap. Once you have made sure that it is working, the final step is to turn on your Zap.