How do I add tables to documents and templates?

Learn how to easily add and customize table style lists to your contracts

If you want to divide content such as price lists or service type lists into cells rather than regular lists, you can do so using tables.

Inserting a table

To add a table to a draft or template document, simply

  1. Click Draft & Sign or Templates in the top menu and choose the document you want to add a table to,

  2. Open the project or template document by clicking the Edit button to the right of the document's name,

  3. Choose position in the document and click the Table button,

  4. Select the correct size of the table.

Screenshot 2022-07-26 at 11.46.37

Editing a table

To edit a table, simply

  1. Click the correct position in your table,

  2. Click the Table button,

  3. The Insert option lets you insert a row or a column

  4. The Remove option lets you remove a row or a column

Screenshot 2022-07-26 at 11.47.43

You can also edit a table by selecting a cell in it. When you have selected a cell, more options for removing and adding rows and columns, removing table borders, and resizing columns become available.


Pro tip: tables can also be used in conditional blocks in templates, meaning that they can be included or excluded depending on the user’s answers while drafting a contract from a template.


Pro tip 2: You can also make table rows conditional. Learn more