How do I restart numbering in the template editor?

Learn more about restarting automatic numbering and creating dynamic automated templates.

The numbered list used in a template document will always be shown in the right order once an actual document is generated from the template. Namely, the numbers will appear accurately no matter if there has been a certain conditional part of a contract or several clauses to choose from.

Restarting automatic numbering

However, you might want to restart numbering if you'd like to include additional part of your contract in the main document.


With restart numbering, you're able to have one document including both the main part of the document and the appendix that requires logic.

Screenshot 2022-06-20 at 09.10.33

To easily manage automatic numbering, click on the number to either

  • restart numbering (change 17 to 1), or
  • continue the previous numbering (change 1 back to 17)