Can I add a specific email to receive all signed contracts?

Learn more about email notifications for signed contracts

When the contract is signed with Precisely, all included parties will receive a confirmation email where they can also see and/or download the signed version. By included parties, it refers to:

  • an internal user who initiated the signing process (= clicked Send for signing), most likely that person is also the creator of a project
  • all signing parties
  • all email addresses added as "Signatory CC" in the Organization Settings (Read more👇)

Signatory CC

Do you have team members within your organization who would always want to receive a signed copy, even when they are not included in the contract creation or signing? No problem!

Admin users are able to add Signatory CC in their Organization settings.

Screenshot 2022-04-01 at 13.33.25

Note! The recipient (email address) does not need to be a Precisely user, which means that any email address can be used for the "Signatory CC" feature.