How do I copy a template from one organization to another?

Learn how to copy a template from one organization to another

If you’re an admin of multiple organizations, you can duplicate automated templates between them. This can be useful when setting up templates in a corporate group or if you're using Precisely to provide templates to multiple organizations as an external legal advisor. 

To copy a template from one organization to another, simply

  1. Click Templates in the top menu and choose the template you wish to duplicate, 

  2. Click Copy to another organization in the left-hand menu,  

  3. Choose the organization that you want to copy the template to and click the blue Copy button.

Screenshot 2022-07-26 at 11.56.51

Note: The user copying the template between organizations needs to be an admin of both organizations. 

What exact parts of the template automation are being copied?

If included in the template, the following parts are copied together with the template:

Template Document

✅ Template appendices

✅ Metadata for template documents and uploaded files

✅ Questions

✅ Formulas

✅ Preparation Checklist


For technical and/or compliance reasons, the following parts do not get copied:

Reminders for template documents or uploaded files

Custom metadata points

❌ Approvers

❌ Default signees

Access policy (the copied template always is set to "Me and Admins" as default)

Archiving folder

Template title (the original title of the template won't be automatically applied or auto-filled, but a user must manually name a template before copying it)