In short, the contract conversion service means that we'll transform any of your frequently used contracts (e.g. consultancy agreements, R&D agreements or NDAs) into fully customizable, automated templates that enable fast and secure production of contracts. Contract conversion services are included in some of Precisely's paid plans.

After the conversion is complete, anyone on your team will be able to create any contract with minimal error and maximum speed by simply answering a few questions.

Sounds great, how do we get started?

Whenever you've signed up for a plan that includes contract conversion services, please send us a message through the chat or per email to [email protected] to request the conversion. 

Please attach the contract in the message, preferably in a .doc or .docx format, with the variables (i.e. the parts that change from contract to contract) of the contract marked up. This could, for instance, be parts of the contract that stipulates information regarding your counter-party, the salary of an employee, the length of the contract or—in advanced contracts—alternative clauses that should appear in certain situations.

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