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How does tenant encryption affect Precisely features?

Learn more about changes in Precisely when tenant encryption is enabled in your Precisely organization.

Organizations in Precisely can enable tenant encryption to as an additional layer of protection and enhance the security of their data content. Read all about tenant encryption in Precisely

If tenant encryption is enabled in your Precisely organization, there are several factors that are important to keep in mind. This is for both technical and security reasons.

  • When inviting a counterparty for a review, they will be able to access the document through a secure link in the email (no PDF document will be attached)
  • If using a “Signatory CC” feature, the signed document will be accessible through a secure link in the email (no PDF document will be attached)
  • Reference values in reminder messages will still be sent directly in the email body. It means that ⚠️ this content is not encrypted⚠️. Therefore, make sure your reminder messages (text and/or reference values) do not contain any confidential information.
  • The existing API tokens will no longer be valid. You need to generate new ones after tenant encryption is enabled and reconnect the newly created tokens in your existing integrations.
  • Log-in with Google button won’t work on Precisely’s login page, which means users will have to log in with an email and password. See what to do if you don’t know your password.
  • If a user resets their password, they will temporarily lose access to all encrypted content until they get access shared with them again.
  • If your organization has Single Sign-on (SSO) to Precisely, the SSO connection must be updated after the encryption session. After that, the users will be able log in using SSO.

In need of more information?

If you’re looking for more technical documentation, or if you’d simply like to know more about encryption, tenant encryption, or security in Precisely, make sure to read this article. For all the remaining questions, you can always contact us. If your company has an IT department, don’t forget you can also talk to them.

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