Precisely wants to provide you—the customer—with a platform that can fit any use case perfectly and allows you to manage all contract-related matters in one place. 

Because of this, the platform is under constant development in order to provide the best contracting experience possible. Here, you will find continuous information on updates and new features from July 23, 2019 and forward. 

Integrations — seamless contract automation and contract management with the Precisely API

August 7, 2019

To allow you to seamlessly use Precisely’s functionalities in your favorite apps and software, Precisely now offers integrations through the Precisely Contract Automation API. 

This means that you are now able to use Precisely’s features in conjunction with any other system. Examples of functionalities within the Precisely platform that can now be performed in connection with your other software using integrations include:

  • automated contract creation based on data in e.g. your CRM, ERP or HR system,
  • sending contracts for e-signing directly from a third party system,
  • exporting of copies of executed contracts and backups to your current software suite,
  • and more.

Do more with Precisely using any other system — the possibilities are truly endless. 

Integrations are only available for Enterprise plans and require the user to have an active Precisely account. Your Precisely username and password are used for authentication and your permissions/user role also apply when using integrations. 

Note: the Precisely API does not offer out-of-the-box integrations at this time but allows developers to create applications and modules that communicate with the Precisely platform. For technical information on the Precisely Contract Automation API, please see the Precisely REST API documentation.

Make contracts full-text searchable through OCR 

July 23, 2019
To make contracts searchable by their content and help customers find information on specific elements of contracts more easily, Precisely now offers Optical Character Recognition (OCR) processing of all documents uploaded to the platform.

OCR is available for Business and Enterprise plans and for all file formats that are available for upload. The OCR functionality only affects contracts that are uploaded after the feature's release and does not apply to older documents. 

Note: documents of the file types .doc and .docx (Word files) are full-text searchable by default, regardless of plan. 

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