Finding a contract in the Precisely platform only takes a few seconds.

  1. Click Archive in the top menu to access the archive, where you will find all your drafts, as well as signed, imported and pending contracts, 
  2. All contracts created in Precisely (either from scratch, or through a self-service template) are full-text searchable, meaning that you will be able to make searches based on the actual contract data. This applies even if you haven’t used the specific search term in, for instance, the document title. Simply enter your search term in the search box on the left to find all contracts containing the search term, 
  3. You can also use other filtering options to find your contracts. In the archive’s left-hand menu, it’s possible to filter your contracts based on category, status and document owner. Furthermore, clicking the headlines in the contract archive lets you sort documents by contract name, the date on which it was last modified, author or contract status. 

It’s also possible to combine the search and filtering functions. For instance, by selecting the category Affiliate agreements and then searching for Exclusivity.

PS. Applying a filter or filter combination applies a universal search to your archive, meaning that it will show all documents matching that filter, regardless if you're searching from within a folder or not. 

Bonus 🎁: Contracts out for signing, contracts that are pending approval and expiring documents are also found in your dashboard. 

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