The more, the merrier. Our user management function allows you to invite your team members, build multiple teams (e.g. departments in your company), and adjust user roles. Add each user to your organization and then assign them to their roles and teams.

Build your Teams

What we call Teams is basically a department or set of team members in your organization. When you want to give someone access to a template or a document, you share it with a Team. 

Start by going to Users in the top right menu, click on Manage and select New Team. Then name each Team, e.g. Sales Stockholm, Legal Nordics or just Management. 

Each user in the Team will have access to all templates and documents shared with that Team, which is very useful if you want to limit certain templates or documents to a group of users. 

Add users

After the Teams are created, continue by clicking on Manage and then select Invite User. Enter each user's email address and select their role.

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