Today, the contract creation process is unnecessarily inefficient – even for the ones who write the same type of contract over and over again. One copy-pastes a bit and reads through the whole contract every time to make sure that nothing undesired has changed.

With Precisely, you can automate and streamline your contract creation process by creating custom templates. Create your template in our online Contract Creator and get quality-assured contracts in a matter of minutes! And of course, it works with all contracts.

STEP 1: Create template

Click on Templates in the menu to reach the overview of your templates. Once there, click on New template.

STEP 2: Add documents

Enter the name of the template and add the document(s) to be generated when the template is run.

For the latter, you have two choices. Either you create the content of the document from scratch, or you copy-paste existing content and adjust it.

STEP 3: Create and insert references

Once the document is added and created, enter the document and choose what parts to parameterize. These are the parts of the template that change from contract to contract. For instance, name, date or value of the contract.

Create questions that will be asked when running the template, such as “What is the subject of disclosure?” or “What is the name of the company who serves as our counterparty?”. 

Each question will have a certain id, a reference, that is inserted into the document.

Now, insert references in the document. The output of the reference will be what the person running the template have answered. For instance, the reference name of the question “What is the subject of disclosure?” is disclosure_subject. Wherever you want the employee's name to appear in the contract, you insert the reference named disclosure_subject. Simple as that. 

Pro tip: if the answer can be predefined, you can create multiple choice questions. When running the template, the user can only choose from the predefined alternatives. 

STEP 4: Make certain clauses conditional. 

Shall the secrecy clause only apply for certain colleagues? Shall the exclusivity of the distribution agreement be optional? Depending on what the answer is when running the template, certain clauses will show up in the final contract - and certain will not. 

Choose what clauses to make conditional and highlight them. Then click on Make conditional and choose what rules that should apply, e.g. that the clause shall appear if the answer of Q1 is Yes.

ATTN: The Make conditional button is only visible if you have created a multiple choice question. 

STEP 5: Add preparations and rules for attestation

Now, exit the Contract Creator to add preparations for the user to check off before running the template. Simply click on the "New preparation" button and enter the text. You can, of course, add as many preparations as you find suitable. 

Also, in case you apply certain processes and rules for attestation internally, here's where you add who, or which group of people, is/are authorized to attest a contract before it is sent for electronic signing. Click on "Manage attestors" and then switch on attestation. In case you switch on both options for attestation, all the chose attestors have to attest the contract before it is sent for signing. Perhaps obvious, perhaps not :) 

PS. Every attestor will receive notifications automatically to their registered email. Also, all contracts or projects that require attestation will appear in the dashboard. 

You're ready to go! Create a quality assured contract in just a matter of minutes (if not seconds), simply by answering a few questions.

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