As soon as you sign up for Precisely, you will have access to our contract automation platform. We will help you streamline and take control of your contracts. The cost savings are significant – and the setup is really simple.

What the Precisely platform will give your business

  • Automated contract creation. Our Contract Creator enables you to transform any of your frequently used contracts into fully customizable intelligent templates that enable fast and secure production of contracts.
  • Stay in control of your contracts. Easily create Custom Templates and eliminate undesired amendments to your contracts. User-level authorization makes sure that each contract has the right content.
  • E-signing as it should be. Seamless handling of legally binding e-signatures; from adding of parties to signing the contracts. No more printing. 
  • All your contracts in one place. Get unlimited storage for all your contracts on our secure servers. Smart search and filtering will help you to quickly find what you are looking for. Say goodbye to paper.
  • Never miss an important deadline again. Fully customizable smart reminders will help you keep track of contract expiries, renegotiations, deadlines and other milestones.

Happy contracting!

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